5 Things Your Social Media Content Manager Should Know

How accessible are you to your social media followers?  How do you track the insights? Here are the basics to get you started, and they are also part of your social media marketing campaign if you’re doing it right.

5 Things Your Social Media Manager Should Know To Keep You in the Game:

1.Make your contact information available on your social media account page.  List a primary phone number and email address where a user can reach you with questions, or provide a link to your  website that lists the appropriate contact information.

2. Make your social media content available through more than one channel. Provide easy points of entry for more information. Some of the most common ways are to post threads on your website, provide options to sign up for daily email digests of social media posts or to add a social media widget to your website.

3. Provide links or contact information to official social media support and accessibility teams. Often, social media tools have their own accessibility tips and support help desks. Educate yourself about them and provide links to your followers. Remember you’re the pied piper to your own success.

4. KISS me.  Kiss It Simple Sweetie. Good design and good content more often than not leads to accessible content. When possible, write in plain language, use camel case when appropriate (i.e., capitalize the first letters of compound words as in #LiveYourBrand), and limit your use of hashtags, abbreviations and acronyms. The use of camel case is not only a common practice, but a helpful one as it makes multi-word hashtags easier to read, including for those using a screen reader. #Nobody #likes #an #asshole #that #uses #millions #of  #hashtags
5. Learn the accessibility requirements and periodically test your content for accessibility.  How do you know that your followers are getting your awesome information? Practice, practice, practice. Make sure you’re testing those requirements every so often.

AccesibleJoe is great for getting tips and tools for sharing your social media content and another amazing and surprising resource for this rebel child is our government. I know, I’m shocked. Check out digitalgov for the rest. Just don’t say we sent you.


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