Broken Box Culture is a design and branding studio. We are a team of creatives, organizers and copywriters, dreamers and doers, ready to take your business to the next level. We create custom work through a unique process that includes identity and logo design; print products and other swag; websites, blogs and shopping carts; and social media graphics. We also have a dedicated marketing consulting and product training program to make sure you get good mileage from your new designs.

Our entire goal is to help you develop the most authentic and effective brand messages possible, and then bring them to life with strategic creative solutions.

Why are we called Broken Box Culture?

We all have talents, but without determination, without embracing faith, without a hint of madness pushing us to leap, to speak out against the status-quo, our talents are nothing, the dream is over. Drawing your own lines is everything, and this is what our brand is all about.

It’s not for everybody, it’s for a breed of people dedicated to a lifetime of struggle, to cultivating their talents, trailblazing for fun, being agents for change through art. People who work with Broken Box are not clients, they are a part of the Broken Box Culture. It’s about drawing your own lines and not caring what anyone else thinks. It’s about standing up and saying “I am accountable” to give the global village your 110%, because that’s all you know how to do. It’s an opportunity to make history.

We love life, we love the work, we love to play, we love being part of something greater than just ourselves, we love to create and provoke thought.

‘Think outside the box’

That’s why here at Broken Box Culture we don’t think outside the box. We already broke the box.